Xenia Ioannou

Xenia Ioannou is the Principal and senior property manager of Alexa Real Estate. Xenia’s experience is truly vast and truly brings an incredible skill set to Alexa Real Estate. Managing a restaurant from the age of 17 and managing her first investment property from the age of 19 gave Xenia real life experience in both business and property management from a very young age. Xenia has also gone on to work as a post doctoral fellow in an internationally recognised research facility as well as authoring books and running frequent mindset and motivational seminars in front of hundreds of people. Click here to read Xenia's Scientific Articles

With over 25 years of experience in property management Xenia has developed both the skills and work ethic to consistently deliver outstanding results for her clients and ensures that only the highest standards are delivered to her clients. Click here to read more about Xenia's Book

As the head of the property management arm of Alexa Real Estate, Xenia not only offers vast experience and knowledge for her clients but also ensures that her clients are consistently updated with the latest property information through the Alexa Property Seminar Series.

Xenia’s warm nature and vast knowledge of the industry is ideally suited to her position as a manager of Alexa and head of the property management team.

Xenia Ioannou Xenia Ioannou
Principal / Senior Property Manager
Mobile: 0412 437 582
Phone: +61 8 8333 3743

Angelo Mena

There is no substitute for excellence and performing at the highest level. Excellence in any area of life will always be valued highly and will always be something highly sought after.

As a PhD graduate working as a post doctoral fellow at international research institutes, Angelo very quickly came to realise the importance of performing at the highest levels and the importance of developing novel solutions to problems that had yet to be solved. Click here to read Angelo's Scientific Articles

Moving on from research, he immersed himself deeper into various aspects of real estate, which included the buying and selling or residential real estate, commercial real estate, renovating property, developing property, international purchase of real estate in other countries as well as implementing other real estate purchasing strategies, he came to gain broad firsthand experience of the industry. Further adding to this experience was many years of serving as a professional buyer’s agent for the purchasing of Adelaide residential investment property on behalf of his clients both Nationally and Internationally. This experience introduced him to hundreds of real estate agents and with this came direct knowledge of what were effective real estate practices and what were not.

Owing to the broad based experience gained in the real estate industry Angelo has been invited to lecture in the area of real estate and real estate negotiation across the country and from his detailed knowledge has authored the book 3P Negotiating: The Philosophy, Process and Persuasion of Buying and Selling Real Estate. Click here to read more about Angelo's Book

Angelo now heads the Sales arm of Alexa Real Estate and the consistently outstanding results he continues to achieve comes as a result of both broad and detailed knowledge in the area of real estate and a continued desire to learn and succeed for his clients.Click here to find out more about Angelos Results

Angelo Mena Angelo Mena
Managing Director / Senior Sales Agent
Mobile: 0431 757 161
Phone: +61 8 8333 3743