3P Negotiating® is a powerful and practical system that is applied here for the buying and selling of real estate. The three Ps of 3P Negotiating are the Philosophy, Process & Persuasion that are involved during e­ffective negotiation. Here we look at negotiating in a radically different way and are taken on a journey of self discovery which leads to the mastery of the negotiation process. The 3P Negotiating system embraces a powerful Win-Win approach in the area of buying and selling real estate which ultimately leads to a fuller and more abundant life and is a system which can be extend to many other areas of life.

Angelo lives in South Australia and is the director of the Alexa Property Group. For many years he has professionally negotiated for the buying and selling of Real Estate. Angelo has lectured in the area of real estate negotiation across Australia. He has a PhD in the area of medical research and for many years has studied human behaviour. Angelo has a passion for real estate and applies his teachings to his businesses and investments.

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It has taken me over 20 years of research human potential and define the 8 levels of human conscious awareness that drive human behaviour and the benefits of understanding these levels is not restricted to your own awareness but also as a true leader, gaining the best output from others. If you are able to recognise where they are and what they are manifesting as a believable reality in their lives, you then have the precise Zones of Wealth (TM) training technology to safely and ethically invite them up to the higher levels of consciousness, power principles and peak leadership performers. Leaders always inspire others to be leaders.

The world is shifting in consciousness, there have never been so many people looking for meaning and looking for growth. This is the PERFECT time to grow your coaching business, become a great leader and develop your vision to really help others tap into what is possible for them. We now know that what once was mystical is actually science, we understand it, can define it and we can use to to drive humanity forward to a higher awareness. I look forward to seeing you at the Leaders and Visionaries Conference and sharing this information with you. I really think you and your business will benefit from it. Lead from the front ‐ Become the change you want to see in the world! To Your Infinite Expansion Xenia

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Events run by WZE combine mindset with skill set to increase effectiveness and include events such as: What is financial freedom to you – Share market strategies, Six Figure Speaker Training – How to create wealth through public speaking, Creative and Dynamic Finance strategies, Building online businesses - Internet & Affiliate Marketing, Properties options, the millionaire mindset master class, the Leaders, Visionaries and Millionaires conference and much more.

Wealth Zone Education provides a powerful platform for both speakers and audience to leverage the most effective information and strategies in wealth creation to tap their unlimited potential, becoming financially independent and live a life of true wealth, health and happiness.
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