Don't Believe Everything You Think or Feel : How to Unclutter Your Head-Space So That You Can Fit More Fun, Success Wealth and Health Into Your Life

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The biggest gift you can ever give anyone is the gift of awareness. This book will teach you the levels of human consciousness, so that you can drive your life and make decisions consciously through your higher self. Ninety eight percent of the population run their life through unconscious conditioned behaviours that they have labelled as completely "normal." Because we are not aware of what those behaviours are and we have accepted them as part of our life, we have no power to stop them. Yet the world has a desperate need of conscious leaders. Mahatma Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world." Being a conscious leader means that you inspire others to also be leaders, and this is where life changes begin. This book will show you how to expand your life in the areas of health, wealth and relationships. It will make you look at your own behaviour and the behaviours of those around you from a more aware - rather than a conditioned view point, and allow you to define what is not working for you. Only then can you make more conscious choices and truly lead and love from the front.

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