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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and when selling real estate 3 key factors must be considered. These are PRICE, MARKETING and the SELLING AGENT.


The price that a property is marketed for is the first critical factor that will have an enormous effect on the final outcome of a property sale. Accurate pricing is crucial. If pricing is too low the seller will lose money. If the price is too high, potential buyers will be discouraged from coming to the open resulting in less attendees, less competition, less chance of selling in a reasonable time frame and less chance of securing the best price.

Accurate pricing is the key that encourages attendance at opens, increases competition and ultimately drives price upwards.

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You Can Not Sell A Secret

Marketing is the second critical factor that will have an effect on the final outcome of a property sale.

Competition is directly related to the final sales price. The more competition that surrounds a home the more upward pressure will be put on price.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for any marketer of a property to have a list of all potential buyers for a home because new buyers are always entering the market and no marketer can be everywhere at once to capture all potential buyers. Assuming to have such a list this both arrogant and dangerous to the sale of a property. Effective marketing brings in as many interested parties to a home as possible, concentrates these people into a short time frame and promotes competition.

Effective marketing must alert all demographic groups of the home and above all effective marketing is an investment which means it must generate more value than it costs.

Alexa Understands Marketing

Every property has a story to tell that can't simply be told on a 1 page brochure.

That's why at Alexa a FREE Custom designed comprehensive buyer booklet is prepared for every home sold which clearly promotes the story and value of the home.

Our FREE custom designed buyer booklets demonstrate why your property is worth more. These booklets are 20 pages or more and are distributed to each group inspecting your home
Better and more cost effective marketing.

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The Sales Agent

This is the third and final critical factor that will affect the end outcome of a property sale.

Very simply put an effective sales agent must do 2 things very well.

First: the sales agent must COORDINATE the sales process in a way that best suits the home. This includes coordination of effective marketing campaigns as well as effective coordination of communication systems between buyers and the seller. Background processes must be highly effective and no mistakes can be made here.

Second: The Sales Agent must know how to NEGOTIATE effectively. The consequence of the careful consideration of the pricing and marketing of the home will be severely negated if the sales agent does not know how to negotiate. Effective negotiation is the difference between a successful sale or not.

During the last 7 years Angelo has been invited to lecture in the area of negotiation across Australia and has written a book in the area of real estate negotiation. Angelo's background and experience in the professional buying and selling of real estate has given him an intricate understanding of the real estate negotiation process which now consistently results in excellent sales results for his clients.

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Angelo in the Media

Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend Angelo Mena from Alexa Real Estate as he gets the job done with great results. We had our property on the market for 4 months with a reputable agent without any offers. Angelo did extensive research and placed our property on the market and we had an offer at the first open that resulted in a sale.

The results speak for themselves. Angelo explained the process every step of the way and kept us informed, while doing all the work. We live interstate and did it all over the phone.

Forget the "big boys", go with the people that are actually interested in achieving the best outcome rather than just a pay cheque!!

We were delighted with Alexa Real Estate and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to sell their property. They know what they are doing"

Alison Paas

"Angelo and the team at Alexa were able to sell our home for a great price by the first open.

Angelo took pride in the whole sales process and considered the small things that made a big difference. He gave us great feedback along the way and his marketing and presentation of the home was excellent.

It was his out of the box thinking with marketing that got the property sold and for a great price. We've asked Angelo to sell our next property."

Shane Troube

"Unbelievable Experience. We got Angelo to sell our home in Murray Bridge. He sold it in a quarter of the time it usually takes for the area and for more than all the other local agents in the area were saying it would go for.

He left no stone unturned and it was his marketing strategy and sheer persistence that got the job done as fast and as well as it was done. His communication was excellent and he reported to us thoroughly every week until it was sold. We knew what was happening every step of the way.

A very bright guy that you've gotta love. We'll be selling our next home with him and will be recommending him to everyone".

John Delvizis

"Angelo could not have been any more thorough and he was dedicated to achieving the best price for the property.

He was persistent in his aim for a good outcome and because of this I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone".

Jean Howie

"Asking Angelo to sell our home was the best thing we could have done. Angelo was extremely thorough and on the ball with regards to the marketing and presentation of the home, while his communication and frequent reporting to us was second to none.

He was always there for us at any time and he did everything he said he would do and more. Through his persistence and attention to detail we knew we ended up with the best result possible and are so happy with the outcome. The job could not have been done any better.

Angelo is very different to most real estate agents and I would recommend him to anyone".

Kathy Valodz

"Selling with Angelo was a great experience. His marketing approach and advice was excellent and because of this we sold our home for a great price in a short time. He is extremely professional and always let us know what was happening throughout the process.

He cared about us and he knows what he is doing. Because of this we will use Angelo again and recommend him to all our family and friends".

Peter & Mersina

"We are so happy with the sales service we received from Angelo and Alexa Real Estate during the sale of our property. It was a tough market and Angelo was great at keeping us informed and helping us understand the current market & prices. He worked extremely hard getting the sale across the line and ended up getting us a great result.

He's an incredibly dedicated and honest salesperson, which seems to be a rare quality in Real Estate Agent's these days, and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone".

David & Michele

"Angelo was extremely professional during the recent sale of our property.

He explained and guided us through the whole process and suggested a great marketing campaign and the logic behind it.

The property was tenanted and Angelo worked closely with the tenant to ensure that the inspection times were right and that the property was presented well.

Within a short period of time we had multiple offers for our property and the property was sold quickly and for a great price.

Thanks to Angelo's knowledge and professionalism the sale was conducted smoothly and we ended up with a great result.

We thoroughly recommend Angelo to anyone thinking of selling".

Peter & Marilyn

33 Group Attendance by the First Open, 5 Offers in 3 Days, Sold In 1 Week for ABOVE Top Asking Price and Beyond Owners Top Expectations

"We are extremely happy with the sale of our home. Angelo showed a genuine interest in the whole process and it was his advice on the preparation of the home, his marketing approach as well as his sheer persistence with following up all leads that lead to a great result in the end.

The results speak for themselves. By the first open he showed 33 groups through the home. We had 5 offers in 3 days and a contract for sale within 1 week. The sale could not have been handled any better.

Angelo Genuinely cares about what he does and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone thinking of selling".

Stavros Patiniotis

"Angelo Mena has delivered excellent and efficient service to us in the recent sale of our property.

At all times he has had our personal interest central to his work. He has always kept us informed of all developments and progress and spelled out all the options available to us.

He has also offered good advice in what was needed to be done to prepare the property for sale to the widest possible clientele.

He maintained close contact with all prospective clients moving them towards a sale.

We are delighted with Angelo's thorough work and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting good real estate advice and service".

Trevor & Hazel Green

"I am extremely happy with the recent sale of my home.

Based on a referral from a family member who had previously used Angelo and gotten a great result, I decided to ask him sell my home.

He had a very honest and genuine approach and professionally took care of the process from beginning to end and left no stone unturned to ensure that the best result would be achieved.

His marketing approach was excellent and within 2 days of hitting the market the property was sold for above what I expected and for more than other agents had suggested it would sell for.

I highly recommend Angelo and have already referred him to friends that are thinking of selling."

Michael Zillante

33 Group Attendance by the First Open, Multiple Offers, 3 Above Top Asking Price, SOLD in 1 Week "Angelo achieved a result well beyond our expectations during the recent sale of our home.

From beginning to end Angelo took control of the situation and was very conscientious and thorough throughout the process. We were very impressed with his marketing approach and the buyer booklets he had prepared for our home.

By the first open Angelo had shown 33 groups through the home and within 2 days he had 3 offers above our top asking price.

The sale could not have gone any better.

I have already recommended Angelo to my family and friends."

June Wigley

"We were impressed with the quick sale and great result achieved during the recent sale of our home.

Angelo was extremely motivating, helpful and flexible during the initial period of time when we were feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what the first steps should be. He provided us with the extra care and assistance like no other agent has ever done before and kept us totally informed along the way.

His Buyer Booklets and marketing approach were extremely impressive and genuinely helped create interest in the property.

In just over 2 weeks he presented us with 6 offers and we ended up getting a great price for our home.

We have recommended Angelo to our family and friends and will continue to do so."

Chris & Michele

Sold in 1 Day for Top Asking Price and Beyond Owners Expectation

"I was amazed at how fast and well the sale went. Angelo sold our property in 1 day at the top asking price. The sale could not have been handled any better".

Millie M

31 Group Attendance by the First Open, 8 Offers in 3 Days, SOLD for Above Top Asking Price and Beyond Owners Top Expectation.

"During the recent sale of my home Angelo achieved a result well beyond my expectation and well beyond what other agents told me the home would sell for.

From beginning to end, Angelo took great care to ensure that everything was perfect and that the marketing was spot on.

By the first open he had shown 31 groups through the home and within 3 days of the open he had 8 offers on the home, many of which were well above asking price.

Angelo's communication throughout the process was excellent and the sale could not have been handled any better.

I highly recommend Angelo for the sale of any property and have already told my family and many friends about our result".

Letter from Julie's Son

"Hi Angelo

I need to thank you for the absolutely wonderful job you did with Mum's house. As I'm sure you can appreciate, selling up was a hard thing for her to do and I very much doubt that she could of employed an agent that would have worked harder for her, I certainly have never encountered one.

You went above and beyond the call of duty many times, achieved a sale price above top estimate and walked her through the entire process which made it so much easier than it could have been for all of us.

My most sincere thanks go to you. I've bought, sold and rented through plenty of agents over the years and not once have I dealt with one that puts in an effort that is anything like you do. I will not recommend anybody else other than you in the future".

Thank you again.

Robert Brown

Julie Brown

43 Group Attendance by the First Open, 8 Offers in 4 Days, 2 Offers at Top Asking Price, 2 Offers ABOVE Top Asking Price, SOLD in 1 Week.

"Recently I had to organise the sale of a family home on behalf of my elderly uncle.

I'm so glad we chose Angelo to assist us - from the beginning he has gone "above and beyond", and kept the whole process moving along at times when I was struggling to find time to get things done.

From the outset, we felt very comfortable trusting his judgment and assessments, which in the end always proved to be spot on.

The marketing campaign and strategy Angelo customised for my uncle's property, together with his in depth knowledge of the Kurralta Park area, brought the best possible result for us – within 4 days on the market, we had received 8 offers to choose from, with 2 of those being above the advertised price range.

I will definitely be calling on Angelo again for his expertise in the future, as likely will other family members and friends who have been impressed with the job he did for my uncle."

Helen Schneider

"I just want to say how happy we are with the sale of our home. The buyer booklets were great and explained everything in detail as well as was possible for the home.

We were always kept up to date with what was happening with the sale and the whole process went very smoothly which was a big help give that we live interstate.

We would use Angelo again in the future".

Robert & Jade

Sold within 1 Week for Above Top Asking Price and Beyond Owners Top Expectations

"We spoke to Angelo around February and we knew then that we could trust him to sell our land. Which he did, for within one week of placing our property on the market we had our property sold, and not only that but he got more than what we originally asked for.

When we took up his services he was very professional, and kept us up to date with daily updates as to how the process was proceeding. Angelo performed his duties above and beyond our xpectations, and we would readily recommend him to any family and friends who are looking into selling their property".

Pat & Anita

SOLD for $34,000 More Than Could be Achieved from I'ts Recent Competitive Auction and SOLD for $34,000 After the Home Was Removed!!!

This property was purchased 9 months earlier at a competitive auction for $446,000.The home was demolished and owners circumstances changed and they needed to sell. Angelo Sold the vacant land 9 months after the original purchase for $480,000 ($34,000 MORE WITHOUT THE HOME).

Owners very happy to share the story but choose to remain anonymous.

"Angelo sold our Adelaide property for us. We are based in Melbourne yet this was no problem for Angelo as his commitment to his work and communication is second to none.

He kept us informed every step of the way with near on daily phone call updates.

It is thoroughly refreshing to come across someone who is so diligent in their work and every recommendation Angelo made was comprehensively backed up by research. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Angelo and his team to anyone who is wishing to sell their property.

In a world of real estate 'sharks' Angelo restores the faith by putting his clients first and providing a genuine first class service".

Nick & Clare Fahey

9 Offers, 4 at or Above Top Asking Price & SOLD in 1 week.

"I recently sold my home of 10 years and asked Angelo Mena to help with this.

The research Angelo did for my home and the effort he put into the sale was extremely impressive. He ensured that the home was presented in the best possible way and prepared a marketing booklet for my home to a standard that I have never seen before.

I felt that I could trust Angelo throughout the whole process and in the end I was amazed with how fast and how well the property sold. Angelo's communication was excellent and the final result he achieved was largely due to the care, effort & knowledge he put into my home.

I would definitely use Angelo again and would happily recommend him to my family and friends".

John Delbarre

"Angelo's attention to detail was great and I was very happy with the end outcome".

Keith Williamson

Normally selling a house from overseas would be a very daunting prospect, but I knew that Alexa Real Estate would make it as easy as possible.

From the start Angelo explained his approach and the market situation and produced a comprehensive sales plan. He was always available to answer questions and regularly kept me up to date via international phone calls with detailed information about the market, the progress of the selling process, and the strategy he was employing.

Angelo put in a huge effort with house opens, follow ups, and also managed the relationship with the sitting tenant to ensure everything went smoothly. I ended up getting a good price in a difficult market and have no doubt that things would have been far more difficult without Angelo's nowledge, effort and dedication.

He knows his stuff and works very hard to get the best outcome for his clients.


7 Offers in 3 Days and Sold for $20,000 above Top Asking Price and Above Owners Top Expectation

"We recently engaged Angelo to sell our property and were amazed and delighted with the result.

I had anticipated a stressful, complex and prolonged process, but what we experienced was the exact opposite to this.

Angelo took care of the entire process with a high level of professional competence. He kept us informed every step of the way and was always there for us if we had questions or issues. He was absolutely dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for us.

His excellent marketing strategy generated such a high degree of interest that by the end of the first week of the house being on the market, we had received seven offers, and a couple of days later sold the property for above the asking price.

Angelo impressed us with his warm and caring communication throughout the process, balanced with great competence, integrity and professionalism. We will certainly use Angelo again and have recommended him to our family and friends.

We highly recommend Angelo to you for any property transactions that you may have in the future".

Kathy & Mike Pluck

"Thanks once again for taking on our property and doing such a good job with selling it. We believe that your approach, advice and expertise was, and is, excellent. Here's a few words for you, penned by Maggie and which I agree with wholeheartedly!

It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Angelo. He constantly kept us informed on how things were tracking and was always very professional and friendly. We will definitely have him sell our next property"

David & Maggie

"Angelo achieved a great result for us during the recent sale of our property.

He provided excellent advice on the presentation and marketing of our property, and throughout the sales process he kept us fully informed.

Behind the scenes he went above and beyond to get our property on the market, and then worked hard to get the buyers over the line at a price we were really happy with.

He is someone you can trust is representing your best interests. We would highly recommend Angelo and Alexa Real Estate for anyone looking to sell their property."

Rebecca & Jonathan


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