Alexa Real Estate is a boutique real estate company focusing entirely on the needs of our clients.

Our 3 core values are Knowledge, Service and Results.

Knowledge encompasses our detailed knowledge of the market as well as our knowledge of the best real estate practices needed to ensure that the best outcome is achievable for our clients.

Service is critical for the maintaining of Alexa standards. These ensure that all clients are offered a service that is ethical, transparent and rigorous to a standard that there is no doubt within the minds of our clients that the best efforts and procedures are being undertaken to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for their property.

Results are our key indicators of success. There is no luck or accidents. Our success is directly related to our knowledge and service. It is for this reason that the continued maintaining of our outstanding results is so highly regarded within Alexa and our community as it bears proof that our standards of knowledge and service are of the highest level.

The first 3 letter of Alexa represent the names of our 3 children while the remaining 2, X and A, represent Xenia & Angelo respectively.

Alexa Real Estate is a family business based on the values of our family and recognises that the benefit of all far outweighs the benefit of the individual.

Often in real estate circles, words such as Ethics and Trust are used and abused for marketing purposes. Ethics and Trust are not nouns, they are verbs, they are doing words. It is through our practices within Alexa that Ethics and Trust come to life.

Our Mission

To ensure the highest possible standards in Knowledge Service and Results be provided to our clients so as to ensure that our clients & community benefit in the best possible way in an environment of ethics and trust.